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Since the beginning of the twentieth century the wonderful light and countryside of this region has inspired many artists. The modern art museum devoted to Picasso, is only 7km away in Ceret (nicknamed the Mecca of Cubism). Together with the towns of Collioure, the birthplace of the Fauvist movement (Matisse and Derain among others), and Figueres, the home of the Dali museum, these three towns form the basis of a very interesting art tour.



Among the local places to eat you can walk to the village square where, next to the Mairie, Jean Louis serves traditional country food in his restaurant. Hidden away in the mountains a few kilometres into the foothills you can sample Claude's copious catalan dishes. Several kilometres in the opposite direction Ceret provides a very wide choice of bars, bistros and restaurants. At Thermes du Boulou you can visit the casino and eat in one of the restaurants there. Further afield you can explore the coast and taste the local seafood and fish, especially the anchovies, for which the area is renowned.

Places to visit

The Cork museum - witness to the former industry of the area - Maureillas

The chapel of Saint Martin of Fenollar - Listed Romanesque frescos - Maureillas

Via Domita - Les Cluses

The Vauban fort of Bellegard - Le Perthus

Thermal Spas - specified health treatments, slimming and beauty treatments or indulge in a relaxing day away from the stresses of life - Thermes du Boulou

Casino - Thermes du Boulou



There is a good chance that you will find some sporting activity to enjoy in the Vallespir countryside. There is a private swimming pool for those staying at Mas d'en Bach.

6 hiking routes in the woods and hills setting out from Maureillas - village ramblers rallies in May and August.

Bicycling and equestrian pathways leading out from Maureillas. Tennis club, Boules, Fitness Course - Maureillas.

Golf, trout fishing, paragliding, mountain hiking (GR10 and GR11), deep sea diving, rock climbing and canyoning are all available in the area.

In the winter you can learn to walk on snowshoes and, depending on the weather, venture out on expeditions from the end of the valley following the footprints of wild animals including deer, fox and marmots.

Wine Press at Mas d'en Bach


Over the last decade the quality of wine produced in Roussillon has improved greatly and the area is now producing some very exciting wines. There are numerous possibilities for wine tasting, from the apertif and pudding wines of Banyuls and Rivesaltes, to the red Cotes du Roussillon of which we have two award winning vineyards in the village next door.



Military History

There are many monuments to the military past of this area inclusing the Via Domita, Cathar castles and fortresses constructed by Vauban.


Local Festivals

The Cherry Fete - Ceret

The Feira - Fete of the Bulls - Ceret

Festival of the Sardanas - the dance of the catalans - Ceret

International Folklore Festival - Amelie Les Bains

Festival <Les Estivales> - Perpignan


Claire and Gregor will be happy to advise you about any of these recreations


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